Where your heart is, there is your treasure also. (Mt 6:21)



When you feel very strongly about being called to the diocesan priesthood, you could begin the journey that leads you to join the Seminary.


  1. Be in touch with one of the residential formators of our Major Seminary. He would to be glad to meet you periodically to discern with you. Feel free to get in touch with us.
  2. Your formator-companion of your journey would encourage you to get in touch with your parish priest(s) if you are not already doing so. You are also encouraged to be involved in some forms of parish ministry if you are not in any.
  3. You will be invited to periodic days of recollection, most probably together with other young men who share your aspiration.
  4. You are welcomed to stay in the Seminary for a day or two, in order to experience the life of a seminarian.
  5. You keep coming to see the priest regularly. Throughout this period, your formator-companion assists you with your growth in faith and the vocation discernment. With his help, if you find yourself not ready to join the Seminary, you may terminate the journey with him temporarily or permanently.
  6. When you are quite certain about joining the Seminary, you will be invited to participate in a discernment retreat of 6 to 8 days. During the retreat, you make a prayerful and sincere consideration of your response, which will likely result in a firm decision.
  7. After the retreat, you continue to pray regularly to seek affirmation from the Lord about your decision. If your decision to answer his call to the priesthood is right, there should be a continuation of inner peace and satisfaction. Such sign of confirmation should go on for an extended period to be sure that the peace you experience is true tranquility and not just the relief that comes from having made a tough decision. When you are ready, then you can apply formally to be accepted as a seminarian.
  8. Your formator-companion then arranges for you a meeting with the Archbishop, who affirms your response and you may begin the process of applying for admission.
  9. The admission procedures require that your parish priest signs the application form and you attach at least two letters of recommendation from priests, religious or any significant others. You are also required to undergo a medical check-up to ascertain your physical and mental fitness.
  10. The Admission Board comprises of four seminary formators will assess your application. When they accept your application, they will submit it to the Archbishop for approval. The latter’s approval signals the beginning of your seminary formation.



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Br Samuel Lim


"Living in the Seminary has been a time of self-discovery for me. Be it in the silence of prayer or during communal activities, there have been many occasions where I came to an awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses, abilities and imperfections. The challenge is to face and accept myself as I really am, and to make good use of the gifts God has generously given to me. "


- Father Samuel Lim



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